Underground Power Cable Laying Installation

Cape has successfully completed underground power cable laying installation projects in locations ranging from Perth’s CBD to remote mine sites and wind farms.

Western Power, Alcoa and BHP are just some of the companies that have used Cape on their power projects.

For Western Power, Cape completed the excavation, installation and backfilling works for two 132kV underground cable circuits.  This is one of several completed projects in Perth’s CBD, which also included the installation of power to the new BHP building.

In South Australia, Cape successfully installed 65 kilometres of high voltage power and fibre optic cabling, connecting 55 wind turbines.  Our unique ploughing installation method contributed to minimal disturbance to the surrounding livestock and natural vegetation.

Cape improved the reliability and capacity of the electrical supply to Rio Tinto’s Parabadoo asset. Our team supplied, installed and commissioned the high and low voltage power infrastructure to BHP assets at Port Hedland and Finucane Island. At Mumbida Wind Farm near Geraldton, Cape will complete the trenching, cable installation, backfilling and HV works that connect 22 wind turbines.

Cape has been supporting the Western Power UPP program for over 21 years since its inception 1996 and completed over 25 projects to date. This includes the installation of an estimated 7,000 streetlights, over 15,000 home connections and the installation of over 840 kilometres of underground power cable.

When it comes to your power projects, Cape will make sure you are connected.

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