Fibre Optic Communication & Signalling Cable Installation

Cape has worked across a diverse range of communications projects, with clients including Telstra, Roy Hill Alcoa and the Public Transport Authority. We pride ourselves on being able to adapt to any project, regardless of size, budget or location.

Our projects have ranged from those with small crews, to the Roy Hill signalling and communications rail line project, which peaked with a workforce of 70. We deliver on time and on budget, and have completed projects that range up to $34 million.

Cape has the team and capabilities to complete a diverse range of projects, in the most demanding environments.

Swampy ground conditions required extensive engineering and specialist equipment when installing the 5 kilometres of fibre optic cable connecting the Chevron LNG Plant in Onslow to the Telstra network.

We used Ecoploughs in environmentally sensitive areas of the Pilbara as part of the installation of over 500 kilometres of fibre optic cable.

At Cape, no project or challenge is too big or too small. Trust us with your communications, and we’ll get them flowing.

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