Gas Pipelines Installation

Cape’s portfolio of gas projects can be found in suburban areas through to remote parts of Australia.

Cape Utilities was responsible for the installation of the high-pressure gas main pipeline that will ultimately connect the Dampier to Bunbury Natural Gas Pipeline with the Rockingham and Mandurah areas in Western Australia. The installed pipeline runs through farmland and environmentally sensitive areas. Cape obtained the appropriate construction licenses, and an Environmental Management Plan was carried out to ensure a positive outcome for all parties.

At Dacian Gold’s Mt Morgan Mine near Laverton, the Cape team completed 2.5 kilometres of trenching with 600 cubic metres of pipe bedding and backfilling. This allowed for the installation of a 150mm steel gas main. The trenching was completed in three days, and the back filling in two days, providing a cost effective and efficient solution for our client.

Cape has been contracted to supply the skilled operators and trenching equipment to support the construction of the 200-kilometre Yamarna Gas pipeline on the Gruyere Gold Project.

Cape has built the natural gas supply network to housing developments, and our expertise in drilling, excavating, hydrotesting and DCGV survey works were instrumental in the realignment of the Horrie Miller Drive and Tonkin Highway gas mains.

Our adaptable, efficient and cost effective expertise guarantees your gas projects get connected the way you want.

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