Kurtarra Purchases New Grader

john deere grader

In May 2019 Garry Jaffrey Managing Director of Kurarra, took possession of a John Deere Grader which was purchased directly by Kurtarra.

Kurtarra a 100% owned aboriginal family business was formed in 2012 when the Jaffrey-Sam family from the Palyku tribal area came together to discuss how they could support their elders and leave a legacy for future generations.

Cape has been in partnership with Kurtarra through the KCUJV for 4 years during which time the partnership has allowed for an increase in both financial and operational capability for the Kurtarra team, culminating in the purchase on the new Grader this year.

This is a great milestone for our JV partner Kurtarra as this is their first major piece of heavy plant and equipment purchased directly by the business. Underpinning the Kurtarra business with revenue generating assets was a key strategic outcome when the JV was initially formed.

 Plans are already underway for the purchase of  second grader within the next financial year to continue the journey and allows Kurtarra to pursue further opportunities directly outside the JV.   

We are looking forward to the Kurtarra Grader going to work at the JV’s FMG dewatering operations and are very proud of the collective achievement.