CAPE Wins 2019 CCF WA Earth Award

The Earth Award for projects valued up to $2 million was won by Cape Utilities for the installation of a 450mm PE Wastewater Pressure Main Upgrade for the Water Corporation.  The pipeline corridor passed through a Bush Forever site that is also a wetlands catchment. 

To minimise the need for clearing and disturbance of potential acid sulphate soil, Cape’s EcoPlough was chosen as the most environmentally friendly option to install the pipeline underground. Cape achieved a first for WA by installing a large diameter, high wall thickness PE pipeline with a high degree of accuracy. Through the constant diligence of all involved, the Cape team accomplished the complicated project through a highly important sensitive ecosystem with no environmental impact. 

Cape is proud to be the first in WA to install DN450 pipe via plough methodology which is a great engineering and innovation feet. To our knowledge this is also the first time pipe of this size has been ploughed in to grade for sewer/waste water applications within Australia.

The EcoPlough patented proven technology is unique to Cape and has had 10 years of ongoing engineering development as part of the Cape R&D program. The EcoPlough adopts a trenchless technique, installing pipes and cables of up to 450 millimetres in diameter. The pipe or cable is laid immediately behind a specifically designed ploughing blade at an installation rate of up to 1,000 metres per hour in ideal ground conditions.

The EcoPlough is significantly superior from dozers which have been modified with plough attachments and offers the following advantages:

  • Hydro Static
    • The EcoPlough is hydro static giving the operator infinite control thereby reducing the stress on the pipe during installation.
  • Production Efficiency
    • Capable of up to 1000m per hour in optimum ground conditions.
  • Safety & Environmental Gains
    • Minimum ground disruption requiring only a <10m corridor to operate
    • The EcoPlough has been designed as a Low Group Pressure machine, allowing minimal disturbance of top soil
    • Reduced personnel and additional machinery required therefore reducing overall safety risk
  • GPS Enabled
    • Measures lateral and depth of cable producing As-Con drawings

The EcoPlough delivers many benefits including increased safety with less personnel / heavy equipment interaction, reduced environmental impact from a reduced footprint and low ground pressure as well as increased speed and cost effectiveness.

Innovation is part of our DNA and we are very proud to be the first in WA to plough DN450 pipe utilising our Eco Plough technology