Signing of Kurtarra Cape JV

Cape has announced the formation of a joint venture partnership with Kurtarra Pty Ltd. The Cape Kurtarra JV provides innovative solutions whilst engaging with traditional owners across Pilbara projects.

Kurtarra Pty Ltd was formed in 2000 when the Jaffrey-Sam family from the Palyku tribal area came together to discuss how they could support their elders and leave a legacy for future generations.

“The JV is committed to indigenous engagement throughout their projects, offering indigenous employment and indigenous procurement opportunities,” said Garry Jaffrey Director of Kurtarra.

Kurtarra is proudly 100 percent indigenous family owned business and Kurtarra is a Palyku word that means brothers.

The Cape Kurtarra JV envisions forming long-term relationships through engagement with the local traditional owners bringing benefits to the community and all those involved.