Cable Installation

Cape has developed its highly innovative Eco Plough which adopts a trenchless technique, installing cables or pipes in a variety of diameters. The cable or pipe is laid immediately behind a specifically designed ploughing blade at an installation rate of up to 1 kilometre per hour. An automatic patented sanding hopper installs sand under, over and around the cable or conduit, whilst danger tape and a hard plastic protective slab is automatically placed above the cable in a single movement.

This method of installation is highly innovative and ensures increased safety whilst on site, minimal disturbance to the environment and local community, as well reduced construction costs and timeframe.

In addition the Eco Plough, Cape has a large fleet of specialist trenching, vacuum excavation equipment where ploughing is not possible.

Cape has the capacity to lay fibre optic and copper telecommunication cabling as well as insert for power infrastructure.